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Forage grasses: 'Tabby', fine forage grass (Festuca), wheat

Cat grass 'Tabby'

  • very decorative due to its variegated, two-coloured leaves

  • aids in digestion and prevents constipation and bowel obstruction

  • improves the supply of vitamins, especially in the winter

  • facilitates the regurgitation of indigestible hair balls that pass through the gastrointestinal tract after the cats clean their fur (see cat grass)

Botany and origin
'Tabby' is a new hybrid variety of an English breeder.

Forage grasses

Whether it’s the fine-structured Festuca grass, the new two-coloured barley 'Tabby' or the standard product wheat: our forage grasses bring variety to your pet animal’s diet. And they are even eye catchers, by the way.

Location and care

It is best to keep our forage grasses in a location that is as bright and cool as possible – this will prolong the shelf life.

In the summer, the plants grow best outdoors in a sheltered, bright location. The plants then only need a short acclimatisation period: do not put them in the full sun during the first few days.
In the winter, a south-facing window is best suited. In general: the location should not be too dark; otherwise the shelf life suffers considerably!

Water abundantly: the root ball should never dry out completely! There can be standing water in the saucer, even over longer periods.
Temperatures between +3°C and 18°C are optimal; locations warmer than 25°C should be avoided.

From certified organic cultivation according to EU organic regulations. Origin: Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
PetSnack programme does not contain substances that are harmful to your animal. Our products can therefore be fed safely.

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