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Meadow plants mix

Meadow plants mix

A mix of traditional and robust native meadow plants, some with medicinal properties.

Available starting in autumn 2015.

The mix can contain the following plants:

  • Balm

  • English daisy

  • Forget-me-not

  • Various plantain species

  • Prunella

  • Other plants

Botany and origin

Location and care

It is best to keep our meadow plants outside from April to October. In the winter, place them indoors in a bright, sunny location. A south-facing window is best suited. If you purchased the plant in the summer, you should not place the pot in full sun during the first few days. Give it a short acclimatisation period in the shade.

The root ball should never dry out completely! When the leaves are withered, it is not too late - but high time. Water can temporarily stand in the saucer; waterlogging should be avoided.

Most plants from our meadow plant mix will grow back if they are not completely stripped bare.

From certified organic cultivation according to EU organic regulations. Origin: Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
PetSnack programme does not contain substances that are harmful to your animal. Our products can therefore be fed safely.

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