PetSnack is now also available from organic cultivation. - PetSnack - das große Frischfutter-Programm im Topf: in Bio-Qualität

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German agriculture
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PetSnack is now also available from organic cultivation.

You have probably seen the symbol to the right at your local supply store. It is awarded for food from organic production.

We also wanted to transfer the right to a healthy diet without exposure to residues from chemical pesticides to our PetSnack products.  Because we were convinced that chemicals are not necessary. The implementation of this goal took nearly two years, and we had to deal with a few setbacks during this period.  But now we know that (and above all: how) it all works.

Organic cultivation

German agriculture
Since July 2015, we are certified for organic production in accordance with EU organic policy. We are very proud of this.

What exactly does this mean? We are committed to comply with strict requirements - the most important of which are the absence of conventional pesticides and mineral fertilisers, but also much more. In addition, we must extensively document what we do (or not do) in our daily work. Adherence to these guidelines is monitored by an independent certification body.
So that everything works, we are supported by many helpers and we use a whole range of tools - human, technical and even animal-related. We’d especially like to thank our two consultants and the employees at the State Education and Research Institute in Heidelberg. We are grateful for you!

But theory alone is not enough. What else is significant? There are the so-called beneficial organisms: organisms that feed on plant pests and are continuously applied to the crop. Once a week, all PetSnack plants are given a restorative ration, which makes them more resistant. UV light and sticky traps catch flying insect pests. Intensive monitoring and timely intervention are extremely important. And with our air apparatus (video) we can completely renounce chemical inhibitors. We are the only company to have such machinery!
The coordinated and deliberate use of many measures is the key. This is carefully considered and reconsidered every day, and takes a lot of effort. We hope that this effort is worth it. For the sake of the animals that are dear to you.

Achim Fleischle

Stefan Fleischle

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