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Plantain mix

Plantain is ideal for the following pets:

  • small rodents such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and mice

  • birds of all kinds

  • reptiles

  • turtles

Plantain mix

Plantain mix with 3 different types.

Plantain is a robust native meadow plant and a valuable food supplement for rodents, birds, turtles and reptiles.

The animals appreciate Plantain not only because of the high water content, which is stored in the green parts. Moreover, the plant supplies fibre-rich fibres and natural minerals - this is particularly important for digestive problems. In addition, Plantain provides your pets with lots of valuable vitamin A.
At the moment, there are three different plantain species in production, with more to follow.

Available starting in autumn 2015.

Botany and origin

Family: the Plantain family (Plantaginaceae). Plantains are herbaceous perennial plants and grow in paths, pastures, meadows and fields. Adult plants form rather inconspicuous inflorescences.
Plantains are originally from Europe but have now spread worldwide.
Incidentally, Plantains were once a common folk remedy. Extracts have an anti-inflammatory effect in the gastrointestinal area and promote wound healing.

Location and care

First, a valuable tip: your pet will like Plantain so much that it will quickly eat the plant bare. If this happens too fast for you, then – depending on the size and appetite of your pet – cut off a few shoots 3-5 cm above the soil and place them in the cage. This is a simple way to control how much your pet eats. Plantain is very robust: even completely bare plants will grow back.

It is best to keep Plantain outdoors from April to October. In the winter, place the plant indoors in a bright, sunny location. A south-facing window is best suited.
Water well: the root ball should never dry out completely! When the leaves are withered, it is not too late - but high time. Water can temporarily stand in the saucer; waterlogging should be avoided.
If you purchased the plant in the summer, you can continue to let it grow outdoors. The plant then only needs a short acclimatisation period. Do not place the pot in full sun during the first few days.

From certified organic cultivation according to EU organic regulations. Origin: Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
PetSnack programme does not contain substances that are harmful to your animal. Our products can therefore be fed safely.

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