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Do I have to throw away my PetSnack plant when the green has been eaten away?

No. Take the plant out of the cage before it is completely stripped bare. It will recover after some time and become green again. Exception: some lettuce greens will not regenerate.

Should I be worrying about pesticides in the plants?

Of course, fodder plants are affected by harmful organisms, and of course we have to do something about it.
The first choice is preventive cultivation measures. For example, the plants are placed at a relatively large distance from each other in order to prevent the spread of fungal infections from the outset.
We preventively use beneficial organisms. These are "predators" that feed on plant pests.
UV light sources at night catch winged insect pests; sticky traps work in similar ways throughout the day.
And brand new: since the end of 2014, we have developed an innovative system, which replaces the use of chemical inhibitors. More information can be seen in the TV show from April 2015.

Sometimes I see bran on the leaves. Where does it come from?

With the bran, the above-mentioned beneficial organisms are applied to the crop - from there, the animals hunt for insect pests. The bran is only a carrier for the beneficial organisms. Parts of the bran remain on the leaves; however this is completely harmless.

I would like to feed my insects PetSnack plants. Can I be sure that no insecticides were used?

Cat grass is indeed preventively treated against fungal disease shortly after sowing; the degradation time of the product used is so short that no more harmful amounts remain at the time of delivery (17 weeks later). Negative effects on insects are very unlikely.
Years ago, inhibitors were used for Callisia to shorten the shoots (like farmers do for wheat). Meanwhile, however, we are technically so far that we can do without the inhibitors. Insecticides are not used for any of the other products.

Weizen oder Gerste: am Boden der Pflanze ist ein grauer Schimmelrasen zu sehen. Ist das schädlich?

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