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DE-ÖKO 006
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Common Sorrel

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Common Sorrel

  • the fibre-rich plant fibres support digestion
  • improves the supply of iron
The delicious source of vitamins:

Blood Sorrel and Common Sorrel are not only delicious and valuable sources of vitamins, but they are also impress due to their exemplary durability - provided that you take the plant out of the cage in time. Then the Sorrel is able to produce new shoots, and afterwards you can feed it to your pet again. The compact growing Blood Sorrel 'Little Red Pixie' is also very decorative due to its red venation.

Please feed only in portions, and only once per day. Sorrel tastes quite outstanding to most animal species, but not all tolerate large quantities without any problems. Generally, the smaller the pet, the lower the daily ration. More information can be found here.

Botany and origin

Location and care

It is best to keep your Sorrel outdoors from April to October. The plants then only need a short acclimatisation period: do not put them in the full sun during the first few days. In the winter, keep in the plant indoors in a bright, sunny location; a south-facing window is best suited.
Water moderately: the root ball should never dry out completely. If it happens anyway, it’s nothing serious: the wilted plant recovers quickly.
Temperatures between 18°C and 25°C are optimal; cool locations below 10°C should be avoided.


From certified organic cultivation according to EU organic regulations. Origin: Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Certification body: DE-ÖKO-006
The PetSnack programme does not contain substances that are harmful to your animal. All the products can therefore be fed safely.
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